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Consent Forms On-line (please tick to indicate completed)


Annual consents need to be redone each school year.


  1. Media Consent
  2. Internet Access Consent
  3. General Consent for School Fieldtrips/Activities
  4. School Cash Online Consent
  5. FreshGrade Consent
  6. Google Apps For Education Consent
  7. Aboriginal Education Information and Self-Identification

School Cash Online Consent Form – School District 62 (Sooke) is offering School Cash Online to all parents for school fees as well as district fees. School Cash Online is a program which provides parents with the convenience of paying school and district fees online and has been a great success. In order to use this option, students must be attached to the school by filing out the School Cash Online Consent Form. Saseenos is hoping to use this option for parents. If you have any problems completing this form, please contact the school.

Please ensure that the email address is the same that you have provided us on the school verification form, also your email address must be the same for all your children.

  1. Register for a School Cash Online account at, https://sd62.schoolcashonline.com/ 
  2. Attach your students at School Cash Online. When attaching your students to your account you will need their PEN number.   You can find this number on your child’s report card or contact the school.