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BC’s new curriculum

Do you know that the way our children will be educated is changing?  The Ministry of Education has changed the curriculum for education in BC.  Do you know how this will impact your child, as a student in SD62?  Do you want to learn more about it?

SPEAC (Sooke Parents’ Education Advisory Council) is working with SD62 to host a community conversation where parents can learn more about how the new curriculum will be implemented in the district and what this means for students, parents, and teachers.  The date is yet to be decided.

To ensure your topics of interest, questions, and concerns are addressed, SPEAC has developed a survey.  There are 2 questions, followed by your top 3 topics of interest, and an opportunity to write any additional comments.

Please complete our survey – CLICK HERE

BC’s new curriculum – website
Nancy Walt, MOE, ppt presentation at the 2015 PAC Summit and Celebration (or view it in PDF format here: Curriculum-Update-at-Sooke-DPAC-June-2015)
FAQ on BC’s new curriculum

Brena Robinson

President, SPEAC – Sooke Parents’ Education Advisory Councils, SD 62

Promoting Parent Involvement, Education, and Meaningful District-Wide Collaboration