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To order lunches or see fundraisers, here is the link: MunchaLunch.com

What is Munch A Lunch?

Munch A Lunch is an online system specifically designed to help schools run their hot lunch programs. We are using it to help run our Hot Lunches and our fundraisers. Munch A Lunch is based in the Lower Mainland.

Why are we using an online system to order PAC Hot Lunches?

We are streamlining the process, to use less paper and make it more convenient for parents to order Hot Lunches for their child(ren). We have also had requests from parents wanting to have the option of paying by credit card.

What methods of payment are accepted?

You can conveniently pay online using Visa or Mastercard. Cash and cheque are also accepted, but payment should be submitted as soon as possible and must be received by the payment deadline.

I want to pay by cash/cheque, how do I do this?

You will need to submit your order online then drop off your payment in the school office by the payment deadline. Please do not submit payment to your child’s class/teacher. All cash/cheque payments must be accompanied with your child’s full name. Without this information, we have no way of matching up the payment to your order.

How will I know if my order/payment was received?

The Munch A Lunch system will send confirmation emails* for your order(s) and payment. Credit card payments will be processed immediately. Cash/cheque payments will need to be manually entered into the Munch A Lunch system by a member of the Foods team. Once your payment has been entered you will receive a confirmation email*. (* system default. You may opt out of these emails in your user profile.)

I want to place an order for more than one child, how do I do this?

Select one child and order their lunch(es) then click ‘submit my order’. You will be directed to a page confirming their order was submitted. From this page, click ‘next’ and you will have the option of either creating another order (select another child) or continuing to payment (done). A single payment will be processed for all your orders.

I ordered a lunch for my child, but now I know they are going to be away. Can I cancel my order?

Orders may be canceled up until the order deadline. Please use the “Contact Us” link in the Munch a Lunch menu to do this. The amount paid for the lunch will be credited to your account and can be applied towards future orders. Refunds will not be given. Once the order deadline has passed, lunches can not be canceled.

What happens if I order lunch and my child is sick/absent for the PAC Hot Lunch?

If your child is ill on a lunch date, you are welcome to come and pick up their lunch by 12:15pm; otherwise please consider it a donation for child who does not have a lunch.

How many PAC Hot Lunches can I order at a time?

You may place orders for any and all lunches during the ordering period (up until the order deadline for a particular lunch).

I ordered several lunches and some of the Hot Lunch dates are a long way off, how will I remember?

You will receive an email* the day before the Hot Lunch to remind you that you do not need to pack a lunch for your child(ren) the next day! (* system default. You may opt out of these emails in your user profile.)

I notice a fundraising tab, what’s that all about?

When we have a fundraiser going on, it will be in the fundraising section.