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Ms. Bell is the school’s librarian. Ms. Bell is in the library on Thursday and Friday after recess. When Mrs. Bell is not in the library she is teaching Grade 5 and or filling in as Teacher in Charge while Mrs. Musselwhite is out of the school.  Mrs. Hill is our school’s library assistant and is in the library each day in the afternoon for an hour.

You can contact Ms. Bell with any questions at lbell@sd62.bc.ca

Students are allowed to take out 1-2 books depending on classroom teacher’s preference.

We use a bar code system to sign out library books.  Students may have two borrowed books at a time.  If a book has been lost or damaged, a note will be sent to parents for the replacement costs.

Online Learning Resources

Please contact your teacher librarian for your school’s username and password information.

Here is the “How To/Tutorial” guide: HERE


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National Kids  Science in context  Greenr

Power search  GVRL  Global Issues


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Media Smarts:

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