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What is PAC?

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) works for the benefit of our students as partners in education.  The Council is a forum for communication between the home and the school, as well as performing a variety of other functions.  All parents and guardians of children attending Saseenos Elementary School are members of the Council.
The PAC meetings are the second Tuesday of each month.  They are open to all parents.   The council is always looking for dedicated parents to take on executive positions and one-time jobs.  Please contact the school’s PAC to see how you can volunteer.

Parent Advisory Council

  • Elects, by secret ballot, three representatives to the School Planning Council
  • Maintains, in collaboration with the principal, ways to promote effective communication between parents and the school planning council
  • Assists the school planning council if requested to do so

Executive 2022/2023

Kerri Ralph – President

Kristine Houston – Vice-President

Jennifer McArthur – Treasurer

Chloe Beach – Secretary

Liv Salo – Member at Large

Sonja Blood-Fogg – Member at Large

Jaimie Nelson – Foods Coordinator

Doerte Halling-Brown – Planning/Logistics Coordinator


The school planning council consists of the school principal, one teacher representative from the teaching staff, elected by secret ballot, and three parent representatives from the school’s parent advisory council, all elected by secret ballot (or appointed if no election), one of whom is an elected officer of the parent advisory council.

The Mandate

According to the School Act

“By a date set by the board, a school planning council must prepare and submit to the board a school plan for the school in respect of improving student achievement and other matters contained in the board’s achievement contract relating to that school.” 8.3(2)

“A school planning council must consult with the parents’ advisory council during the preparation of the school plan.” 8.3(3)