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We believe that regular attendance has a significant impact on a student’s progress and chance for success in school.  Students who miss a large number of school days miss a portion of instruction which cannot be easily recovered.  We believe that good attendance facilitates success in school and in future employment.

Safe Arrival Program  Ph.  250-642-5658

This is a safety progam to help assure both parents and the school that the child has arrived at school safely.  It is organized and run by parent volunteers.  Parents may call the Safe Arrival number to record a message about their child’s absence.  If a child is absent and no call has been received, a volunteer will phone to ascertain the child’s safety.

Late Policy

Grades 1-5 Registration


According to the School Act, punctuality is an important expectation of student behavior. Punctual students show respect for the learning of others by not disrupting a class in session, and punctual students hear important instruction that is usually given at the start of class.

This policy attempts to provide a balance between clear consequences for numerous unexcused lates with a “second chance” so that punctuality becomes habit for students.  This policy also recognizes that sometimes being late is unavoidable.  A medical (or other professional) appointment is considered an excused late.

Bell times:

8:40 warning bell

8:45 Students should be seated in their classrooms.


In each of the three reporting periods, a student will be permitted three unexcused lates for morning registration.  Students who are late for any reason must check in at the office for a late slip.  As a rule, students with subsequent unexcused lates will be assigned consequences as follows:

4th late                homeroom teacher informs parents

5th late                detention from homeroom teacher

6th late                referral to the principal as a chronic late for a detention/discussion

7th late                one-half day in-school suspension or community type service and/or detention time or letter to parent

8th late                at the discretion of the principal

The principal will inform students of this policy in advance of implementation on February 22, 2010.  The policy will appear on the school website.