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Students are welcomed and encouraged to use the computer lab for educational services including the internet which assists student learning as defined by provincial or local curricula.

Successful operation of this network requires Saseenos Elementary to ask all parents, guardians and students to agree to a few guidelines.

Saseenos Elementary wishes students to:

a.       Leave the computer hardware and software in the same condition as it was found.  This helps the next user.

b.      When accessing online learning resources all users will maintain the same standards of good taste whether sending or receiving information.  Online activities may be monitored.  Users will not attempt unauthorized access to any online information service, site or chat lines.

c.       Type into the school computers only words that are neither obscene, unkind or inappropriate in any way.

Access only Internet Web Sites that are neither violent nor obscene.

For their own protection, students must not key in either their own or anyone else’s address, telephone number or other personal information.  In addition, students must seek teacher authorization before using the internet or the lab printer.