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Good afternoon River Runner families, I hope this correspondence finds you well as we continue to experience a myriad of weather patterns here in our little slice of paradise.  What in many ways felt like a whirlwind of a week brought with it the much-welcomed opportunity for us to reconnect with our students and respective families.  I revere my time away from school, as I desperately cherish quality time spent with my own family.  However, I love my role here at Saseenos and connecting with our little ones and families remains at the top of my priority list.  The busy-ness of our school grounds, as we head into these warmer months, is a true highlight for me.

Thank you to those families able to participate in our recent Parent-Teacher conversations.  I realize that time is an absolute precious commodity in our lives, but the opportunity for teachers and families to connect is invaluable on behalf of our little ones.  Facilitating and fostering these home-school relationships is vital to the success of our students as we look to foster their respective growth and development.  Thank you for your partnership in this regard.

I am hoping that many of our lost and found items were able to find their way home as of yesterday.  However, many articles of clothing seem to remain unclaimed!  Once the weather clears I will again have these items on display for your perusal.  At some point we will be delivering a large donation to an appropriate organization, but I will give you a heads up before this occurs.  Thank you for your assistance with this one.

As we are all well aware the mask mandate has been lifted for our schools.  Although this is likely a welcome change in most of our lives, this also brings some nervousness for many of our staff and families.  As such, many of our staff and students still choose to utilize a mask within our environment.  This is of course supported here at school, and we will continue to promote a universally supportive approach and understanding as our world re-evolves in many ways.  We will also maintain a constant supply of disposable masks at school for those staff and students in need.  Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as mandates are lifted and we become accustomed to an ever-evolving landscape.

A friendly reminder that our April A&W lunch is approaching quickly.  The deadline to order is April 20.  Below is the url, which will take you to the Munch-A-Lunch website and allow you to participate in this hot lunch extravaganza.  Thanks again to Sonja and our amazing PAC team for providing this opportunity.  Bring on the Baby Burger combo…


Next week provides us with a definite focal point on our school calendar.  It is Literacy Week in the land of the River Runners!  This is a yearly focus within our school, and allows us to highlight the importance of literature within our lives.  We have a number of activities planned, and below you will find but a few such events upcoming for the week of April 11:

* Whole School Assembly to ‘kick off’ the proceedings

* School-Wide Writing

* Read Outside

* Guest Readers

We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to reinforce the importance of reading in our daily lives and I can’t thank enough our literacy team for coordinating such an enjoyable series of events.  Stay tuned for a recap of another exciting week in these parts…

Please Be Certain to Add these Dates to Your Family Calendars:

* April 11-14               Literacy Week

* Fri, April 15              Good Friday (No School)

* Mon, April 18           Easter Monday (No School)

* Thurs, April 28         A&W Hot Lunch

Thank you for your continued partnership, as we continue to guide our little ones on their educational journey.  The next few months will pass us by at what may seem like ‘light speed’ so please join me in enjoying the proverbial ride and remembering to celebrate even the little things bestowed upon us.

Please have a wonderful weekend.