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Good afternoon everyone, I hope you have enjoyed your week.  As the time continues to pass us by at an alarming speed, we need to remember to enjoy the moment–this shall remain an important philosophy as we enter into the last month of the school year.

As I mentioned yesterday, we have had to reschedule our whole school photo.  The consistent drizzle was the catalyst for this change, but we will hope for some more Spring-like weather for this one.  Below is the new date:

Thursday, June 16 (after lunch)

Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you again to our PAC for another very successful Popcorn Day.  This is definitely a highlight for so many of our River Runners.  I look forward to continuing this Saseenos tradition moving forward.  On a PAC related note, please remember that we have a bottle drive scheduled for tomorrow.  If you have some bottles, we will be up and running from 9-3 in the parking lot here at our fabulous little school.  Thank you for your support!

Please also remember that we have our June Hot Lunch day upcoming.  This will be another Subway lunch, and will be occurring on Thursday, June 16.  Orders are due by Monday, June 6 with the link displayed below:


Thank you again to the amazing group of individual who comprise our PAC, as their efforts have such a huge impact for our school.

As I alluded to last week, we will continue to focus on and reinforce the importance of the ‘Zones of Regulation’ throughout our school population.  I will be sending out detailed information at some point early in the 22/23 school year, but I’ve attached a great visual below.  Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions or would like to learn more about this approach to self-regulation.

Zones visual.pdf

Next Friday is a very important date on the school calendar, from both a Saseenos and school district perspective.  This will be the first district track meet since before the onset of the pandemic, and we are very excited to bring this important event back to reality.  We will be sending a contingent of over 30 students, which is a notable accomplishment for a school of our population.  Mrs. Haddad is leading the charge so capably, and I can’t wait to join this crew at Royal Bay next Friday.  Let’s go River Runners!

Please Be Sure to Keep Your Calendars Up to Date:

* Sat, May 28             Bottle Drive    9-3 @ Saseenos

* Fri, June 3               District Track Meet (Grade 4’s and 5’s)

* Thur, June 16          Whole School Photo

* Fri, June 17             Grade 5 trip to Camp T-Bird

* Fri, June 24             Whole-School Beach Day (Fishboat Bay)

* Mon, June 27           Fun Day!!

* Tue, June 28           Grade 5 Leaving Assembly

* Wed, June 29          Last Day of School

Thank you again for your ongoing contributions to our warm and welcoming culture here at Saseenos.  We truly are so lucky to be on this journey together.

Please have a wonderful weekend.